Delivery Companies Boost Hiring

Delivery Companies Boost Hiring

Delivery Companies and warehousing Companies boost hiring by adding over 20,000 jobs in sectors tied to Order Fulfillment such as warehousing Pick and Pack Services and delivery services. The Job growth follows the ramping up of weekend deliveries by UPS and FedEx. Package Delivery increased by 5% in the fourth quarter of last year on […]

drones are coming

The Drones are Coming

Flying Drones that deliver packages are here. It is no longer fiction. Amazon, Alphabet (parent of Google) and Uber are starting advanced trials of Drones Delivery in the U.S.. While drones are very similar in concept, technology and application, there are some subtle differences for example: Amazon’s drone uses a hexagonal design which they claim […]

Third Party Logistics

Miami Warehousing Companies

Miami warehousing companies continue to struggle in finding the right mix of services to offer prospective clients. To compete in a market flooded with warehouses by offering only storage and warehousing services is just not enough. Customers want more. That is why some Miami warehousing companies are offering ecommerce fulfillment because customers want their products […]