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7PL Logistics is the choice of many companies for Logistics Solutions . Our passion is listening to clients ideas, thinking through solutions and coming up with creative Solutions . Most Importantly, we keep it simple. Our Services cover all the activities under the supply chain umbrella which basically means all activities a business engages in.

We help you reach your goals by partnering with you in all aspects of your business. We help you grow your business as if it was our own. 
Your needs are our primary concern.

If your Third Party Logistics Provider is not helping you reach your business goals, may be it is time to switch to 7PL Logistics

7PL Logistics is a turnkey solution where instead of dealing with multiple logistics providers for various services like inbound, outbound, transportation and warehousing, you deal with One

The concept is one contract, one bill

7PL Welcomes Cross Dock Miami to our group


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International Freight Forwarding Services

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Order Fulfillment Solutions

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Shipping Consolidation Services

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We focus on our skills.

We know our core strengths, stick to our guns and hone our skills. Most Importantly, we stay focused.

Logistics services encompass anything that involves management of the way resources are moved to the areas where they are required. We take out the guess work out of shipping, warehousing and distribution. From Ocean to Air shipments, we offer great rates and better service.
With many years of experience in supply chain, we become your strategic partner for all your business activities. We develop and integrate solutions that fit the needs of any size company.

Even if you are happy with your third party logistics providers  Or your Freight Forwarders,  7PL Logistics can help you manage your 3PL companies in order to get the most out of these services and eliminate any bottle necks therefore improving performance

Just Imagine a group of professional from all areas of business coming together to put together a logistics solution that will save you money and increase productivity.

We work closely with Supply Chain consultants  in order to make sure that we implement the latest in technology and processes.

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We focus on timely delivery of shipments

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Skilled at creating unique custom Solutions

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End to end Supply Chain Solutions

7PL Logistics

We are proud of our work.

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