Freight Forwarding Services

7PL Logistics offers a wide range global freight forwarding services, which, create innovative supply chain solutions for multiple industries. As a single source provider, we can give you access to our global network and comprehensive services to help you manage your freight shipments.

International shipping could present great business opportunities for you, but may also seem daunting. A good freight forwarding service can save you time and potential headaches while providing reliable transportation of products at competitive rates.

Our air and ocean freight forwarding services bring those parts together to make managing your supply chain more simple. We can also manage the transportation details – such as shipment booking, carrier routing, tariffs, and customs requirements.

Our Freight Forwarding Services include:

7PL Logistics offers simple and straight forward Freight Forwarding Solutions . Our relationship with the major shipping companies puts in a position to offer the best Ocean and air freight services both import and Export.

Whether your company is large or small, the weight of the cargo light or heavy, our freight forwarding companies  will take care of cargo from “dock to door” if requested to do so. This can include the correct filing of export documentation, all arrangements with carriers, packing, crating and storage needs. So, the small and medium-size exporter need not deal with many of the details involved with the logistics of exporting their goods.
We are experts in this part of the overall supply chain.  Our Freight forwarding services are designed to provide you with the best overall results and the best rates.


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