Freight Audit

Why Pay The Carriers More Than You Have To?

As a consequence of rising freight costs, an increasing number of organizations has been more proactive in controlling freight cost and have outsourced the freight audit process to freight audit specialists.

To begin the auditing process, a freight logistics company receives its clients’ freight bills directly from carriers.

When the bills are received, either via electronic data interchange (connect services) or manually, they are entered into the contractor’s system, providing immediate visibility.

Once the bills are entered, they are audited for accuracy. Auditors verify the bills’ validity, mileage, duplicate payments, accessorial charges, and use of correct tariffs. After auditing, the charges are coded and reconciled, and the bills are paid.”

Shippers spend an average of 54 percent of total logistics expenditures on transportation. Considering the enormities of those costs, shippers have much to gain by ensuring their freight invoices are accurate and paid on time.

As a result, many shippers choose to outsource freight bill payment and auditing to businesses that specialize in providing such services. But, as many companies that utilize these services realize, there is more to freight bill payment and auditing than meets the eye. While these services may appear to perform a single function, they add value by delivering key data that can uncover insights about a company’s operations.

In addition to catching errors, freight bill auditing  can save shippers significant labor and other internal costs.

The freight bill auditing consulting firm can process and manage invoices much less expensively due to simple economies of scale. Considering today’s challenging business environment, these types of savings can go a long way.

The expertise needed to catch mistakes quickly and easily does not come overnight. Freight bill payment and auditing companies have developed specific knowledge and sophisticated technology systems that allow them to find errors that might otherwise slip by.

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