The Amazon Alternative

The Amazon Alternative

For years Amazon set the standard for order fulfillment. It is the choice for many startups and established companies selling online.  Its portal is makes it easy to do business. On time delivery and low shipping rates are key to its success not to mention the exposure the products listed have. When selling on Amazon, […]

Delivery Companies Boost Hiring

Delivery Companies Boost Hiring

Delivery Companies and warehousing Companies boost hiring by adding over 20,000 jobs in sectors tied to Order Fulfillment such as warehousing Pick and Pack Services and delivery services. The Job growth follows the ramping up of weekend deliveries by UPS and FedEx. Package Delivery increased by 5% in the fourth quarter of last year on […]

drones are coming

The Drones are Coming

Flying Drones that deliver packages are here. It is no longer fiction. Amazon, Alphabet (parent of Google) and Uber are starting advanced trials of Drones Delivery in the U.S.. While drones are very similar in concept, technology and application, there are some subtle differences for example: Amazon’s drone uses a hexagonal design which they claim […]

Ocean freight to UAE

Ocean freight to UAE has become a major business for Miami Freight Forwarders.  The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past 20 years and it has become the center of trade in the Middle East.  Contrary to common belief, most of the revenue comes from investments and not […]

Third Party Logistics

Miami Warehousing Companies

Miami warehousing companies continue to struggle in finding the right mix of services to offer prospective clients. To compete in a market flooded with warehouses by offering only storage and warehousing services is just not enough. Customers want more. That is why some Miami warehousing companies are offering ecommerce fulfillment because customers want their products […]

Bolivia Freight Forwarders

Bolivia Freight Forwarders struggle with shipping to Bolivia especially  Ocean freight shipping  since Bolivia is a land locked country without ports. Most ocean freight cargo is shipped to the port of Arica in Chile and then moved via truck to the customs center location in La Paz, Santa Cruz, etc.. This causes many delays especially considering the […]

logistics solutions

Supply Chain

Supply chain management is the management of the three most important resources of a company which are: Material Money Information 1. Material Supply Chain controls the flow of material from the manufacturer to the end user. This involves manufacturing, shipping, customs clearance order fulfillment and transportation. This is a very complex process as it involves […]

Shipping to the Middle east

Shipping to Middle East

International 3PL offers Ocean Freight shipping to the Middle East. We can ship both 20ft & 40ft Containers or your LCL Cargo to the Middle East from anywhere in the US. Middle East Market is one of the largest for american exports .  There is a huge demand for American products in the middle ease. […]

Third Party Logistics

3PL Companies

3PL Companies or Third Party Logistics Companies are a great tool for many shippers around the world. As more and more companies import from overseas or manufacture in labor cheap countries, the more tey depend on 3PL companies for their logistics needs. A third party logistics company is one that works with shippers in order to manage […]

Freight Class

Freight Class

The National Motor Freight Classification® (NMFC®) is a standard that provides the freight class as a comparison of commodities moving in interstate, intrastate and foreign commerce. It is similar in concept to the groupings or grading systems that serve many other industries. Commodities are grouped into one of 18 classes—from a low of class 50 to […]