Delivery Companies Boost Hiring

Delivery Companies Boost Hiring

Delivery Companies and warehousing Companies boost hiring by adding over 20,000 jobs in sectors tied to Order Fulfillment such as warehousing Pick and Pack Services and delivery services.

The Job growth follows the ramping up of weekend deliveries by UPS and FedEx.

Package Delivery increased by 5% in the fourth quarter of last year on increased business by Amazon. Amazon has grown its delivery network by hiring more independent delivery Contractors driving Amazon branded vans.

Delivery Companies Benefit from Amazon.

Within a year, Amazon, almost tripled the number of delivery companies that deliver on its behalf. Amazon uses its own planes to fly packages but uses outside contractors to deliver packages from Fulfillment centers to the end consumer.

Trucking companies are now lasing vans in order o get a pieces of the Amazon Delivery Business. Trucking companies added over 3000 jobs for the month of January.

Warehousing Companies have added over 5000 positions. Courier and messenger companies hiring grew by over 10000 in January.

Logistics Companies in Miami boost Hiring

Logistics Companies in Miami continue to hire more people due the increased demand in order fulfillment.  Freight Forwarders in Miami hiring has declined slightly due to the slowing down in Ocean Shipping and a slower than expected  Inland Transportation.

On the other hand, the pick and pack and the package delivery hiring has increased more than any other sector in the last six months and as the online sales keep growing everyday, the job numbers for this sector will hopefully keep increasing as well.

International 3PL continues to lead Florida companies as one of the preferred Amazon third party warehouses, as they keep expanding and delivering more and more to rural and remote areas .




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