Ocean freight to UAE

Ocean freight to UAE has become a major business for Miami Freight Forwarders.  The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past 20 years and it has become the center of trade in the Middle East.  Contrary to common belief, most of the revenue comes from investments and not from Oil exports which has proven to be a smart move.

In addition to imports from China and Europe, the UAE imports considerable amounts from the USA and Canada.  Exports from the USA to the UAE include food items, consumer good and Automobiles.

Ocean Freight to Dubai

One of the Key ports in the UAE is Jabal Ali in Dubai.  It is a state-of-the-art facility partially powered by solar energy.

Exporting to Dubai has never been easier. Many  International 3Pl Companies have opened up offices in the UAE to make importation into the UAE a lot easier. One of these companies is International 3PL which has been a force as one of the 3PL Companies in Dubai.

Documentation requirements differ from one country to another. The documentation to most of the Countries in the Middle east is a little complicated except for the UAE, they made the import process a lot easier than its neighboring countries.

Consolidation Services to Dubai

Miami has been a key port when it comes to Cargo Consolidation to Dubai. Various Suppliers from the USA ship their products to one of the Freight Forwarders in Miami .  The Freight Forwarder consolidates the shipments and loads into a shipping container which is then loaded on to a vessel in route to Dubai.



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