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Miami warehousing companies continue to struggle in finding the right mix of services to offer prospective clients. To compete in a market flooded with warehouses by offering only storage and warehousing services is just not enough. Customers want more.

That is why some Miami warehousing companies are offering ecommerce fulfillment because customers want their products stored, picked, packed and shipped without having to worry about all the steps involved in the their process.


Miami warehousing Companies and Fulfillment


As more businesses sell online, the demand for fulfillment centers grew exponentially. Not every online business is going to rent a warehouse and hire employees to ship their orders. Most probably, they will reach out to a Third party logistics company  to handle their pick and Pack Services.

Order fulfillment is a very specialized business. It requires knowledge and expertise. It is not for any warehousing companies or Freight Forwarders to become a fulfillment center.

What happened in Miami is that every warehousing company and freight forwarder started offering fulfillment services. We all know that this did not work out. After a few years and so many failures, the number of true fulfillment companies in Miami has dropped to a few.  Many still advertise the fulfillment services only to outsource to one of the few good ones out there such as International 3PL which continues to lead in all areas of logistics service

Why work with a 3PL Company to fulfill your orders:


The main reason to work with fulfillment companies is cutting costs. They usually are able to handle your orders at a fraction of the cost of you having your own warehouse. Another reason is tapping into the wealth of knowledge and expertise that a qualified 3PL company can offer and finally having access to better shipping rates than you are able to get yourself.

If you are a small online store with low volume of shipments, you are still encouraged to work with and order fulfillment company to at least learn how is it done and then you can try to do it yourself. Most probably, if you start working with a good company, you will stay with them as it will give you the flexibility to run your business from anywhere in the world without having to worry about if the product ships on time or not.



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