Bolivia Freight Forwarders

Bolivia Freight Forwarders struggle with shipping to Bolivia especially  Ocean freight shipping  since Bolivia is a land locked country without ports. Most ocean freight cargo is shipped to the port of Arica in Chile and then moved via truck to the customs center location in La Paz, Santa Cruz, etc.. This causes many delays especially considering the distance the cargo has to travel inland to get to the final destination in Bolivia from Chile.

In some cases, an ocean shipment from Miami to La Paz takes over 60 days to arrive at the customs facility in La Paz. This does not mean that all  Ocean shipments to Bolivia  will take 60 days. Some Bolivia Freight Forwarders are very efficient and will make sure that the shipment will arrive in less time.

Bolivia Freight Forwarders and International 3PL

International 3PL’s Bolivia Office is one of the most experienced forwarders in Bolivia with years of experience in Importing to Bolivia and Exporting from Bolivia.

Many of the companies in Miami handle their shipments via  Air Freight to Bolivia instead of ocean freight as it takes less time and is less complicated. This applies to small shipments and packages, for larger shipments, ocean freight is still the way to go.

Other Logistics Services in Bolivia

In addition to Freight Forwarding services , International 3PL offers other logistics services in Bolivia  such as Order Fulfillment Services  and  Package delivery to Bolivia.




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