Shipping to the Middle east

Shipping to Middle East

International 3PL offers Ocean Freight shipping to the Middle East. We can ship both 20ft & 40ft Containers or your LCL Cargo to the Middle East from anywhere in the US.

Middle East Market is one of the largest for american exports .  There is a huge demand for American products in the middle ease.

If you are doing business in the Middle east , most likely you are using some sort of shipping services

International 3PL offers the most extensive logistics services in the Middle East. Upon your request, our agents in the Middle East can help you for the customs clearance of your cargo. We offer shipping service for Military, Diplomatic, Project Cargo and all the types of commodity to the Middle East. Contact us, as our team will gladly provide you with a low rate quote for your cargo in the Middle East. International Shipping Services to Middle East is one of our top services and we have Arabic speaking customers services to help you on your shipping process.

Our goal is to make the shipping process to the Middle East as easy as possible . We speak the language which makes it even easier.

We even go on e step further. If you are doing business with the Middle east and would like to consolidate cargo, we can help you. You can ship your products to any of our warehouses where we can consolidate and ship to the middle east on your behalf.

We offer ocean freight shipping to the Middle East:

  • Kuwait
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Labanon
  • Jordan
  • Qatar
  • Bahrain
  • Oman
  • Turkey

We can ship 20ft container, 40ft container, LCL Cargo, FCL Cargo to Middle East from anywhere in the US.

International 3PL alsos offer import services from the Middle East . We handle the shipping, customs clearance and the final Delivery.

With Over 30 years of experience in shipping industry , we are equipped to handle  all shipments; it meets customer’s needs whether it they are one time customer or regular customer. We provide the option of picking up customer’s shipment from and delivering it to a port or door. Customer’s shipment will be picked up from preferred address. We transport all kinds of goods it does not matter whether the shipment is commercial goods, household goods or industrial materials.

If you are exporting to the Middle East , you most definitely can benefit from our Services.

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